What is a Skip Trace and how does it work?

Skip Tracing is the act of locating someone’s physical whereabouts. To do this we only use California Licensed Private Investigators. We most often work to locate a home address where the subject can be served. Our investigators don’t rely on online database searches since they are unreliable and often point to several outdated addresses. We verify the information through multiple sources before sending back the information to you.

How long will it take?

Typically, it takes around 10-14 business days to locate the individual and check outside sources for verification. We’ve had locates done in as little as 2 hours and we’ve located people after 2 months of searching. We make no guarantee on time but always work with our clients to meet their needs.

I need to locate someone but not for service of process?

We are limited by California law when providing locate services. We are only allowed to provide this service when you’ve retained our firm to handle service of process on that individual. We don’t allow any exceptions, even if you plan to file and serve documents on the individual at a later date. Please call our office if you need a locate outside the scope of our services.